Our offer

Biuro GK is specialized in keeping accounting records and HR & payroll.

Lump-tax register keeping
  • registers of goods and services tax
  • accounting revising of financial documents
  • registering of economic events
  • employees services and owners' settlements
  • settlements with Tax Offices and Social Insurance Agency (ZUS).
Revenue and expenses ledger bookkeeping
  • registering of costs and revenues;
  • registering of fixed assets;
  • registering of equipment, registers of goods and services tax;
  • employees services and owners' settlements
  • settlements with Tax Offices, Social Insurance Agency, and Statistical Office.
Sales ledgers bookkeeping
  • all book registers required under law provisions (general and subsidiary ledgers, fixed assets register, equipment register, goods and services tax register);
  • owners' settlements;
  • preparation of annual and monthly reports
  • employees services;
  • settlements with Tax Offices, Social Insurance Agency, the Statistical Office, State Fund for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities (PFRON)
  • making a closing balance sheet assisted by profit and loss account and additional note
  • making a statement on annual income obtained (CIT-8)
  • start-up of and keeping full accountancy services in the Company's own or the client's IT system
HR & Payroll services

  • payrolls;
  • name statements of insured persons (RMUA);
  • social insurance statements;
  • annual personal income tax statements (PIT 4R);
  • electronic transfer of social insurance documentations;
  • preparation of any kind of employment statements for Management Boards (owners);
  • supervising HR documentation - including preparation of documentation of newly-employed persons.
  • making basic documents (employment contracts, mandatory agreements, termination of employment contracts, employment certificate, information on salary)
  • making documentation for registration of an enterprise and its employees in the Social Insurance Agency (ZUS) and Tax Office
Our assets
  • Minister of Finances' certificate authorizing to render bookkeeping services
  • Short time of service performance
  • Commitment to our clients' issues
  • Experience in providing bookkeeping services
  • Adapting our services to clients' individual needs and expectations
  • Guarantee of confidentiality of the clients' issues
  • Immediate information on current settlements and statements and any changes on tax and labour law provisions and acts.
  • journey to the client, if necessary
  • keen prices


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